2 Quick Ways to Better Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS Marketing MessageDeveloping a comprehensive marketing strategy can be an arduous task. Not everyone has the skills to develop and sustain successful campaigns. Large businesses can outsource this type of work but it’s the small and medium sized enterprises that really struggle. Given the lack of resources at their disposal these organizations can’t compete with multinationals. However with the right knowledge and implementation they can still achieve success.

SMS marketing is an excellent marketing tool for small organizations as it gives them access to a huge audience at a very low cost. The only downside is that multiple businesses are using this same strategy. So how do you stand out from the competition? What makes you different? Here are a few tips to help you redesign your SMS marketing campaign for better customer response.

Simple and Focused Messages

You don’t need to do anything extraordinary with the actual content of the SMS marketing message. Remember that your aim is to catch the customer’s attention not divert it. Keep your message short and simple. Do not use complex terminologies that people won’t understand. Keep in mind the audience you are catering to and plan your message accordingly.

Often businesses go overboard in an attempt to grasp the customer’s attention. This only leads to frustration for the customer and doesn’t do the business any good. So avoid flooding your consumers’ inbox with unnecessary messages if you want a positive response in return.

Meaningful and Personalized Messages

Your messages should be on a personal level. Try to create an association with the customer and make them feel valued. This is the level of commitment you need to bring or else your competitors will march ahead. Secondly what you need to do is keep the SMS marketing message meaningful. What is in it for the customer? The audience isn’t interested in how good you are at what you do; they need evidence. In every message you must give them some valuable information for example: offering a discount, announcing a lucky draw etc.


The essence of SMS marketing lies in the way you communicate with your customers. Once a bond created your customers won’t think twice about buying your product or service. All your campaigns should focus on the needs of the consumers and the results will come eventually. No one should underestimate the power of SMS marketing because it can certainly lead your business up the ladder of success.

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