3 SMS Marketing Features That Instantly Increase Engagement

SMS marketing

When taking advantage of this immediate mobile communication tactic, you must prioritize campaign effectiveness. The following three SMS marketing features allow you to increase engagement and experience immediate results.

MMS Marketing

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, so long story short – picture messaging. If you use SMS marketing to promote your business, you should always attach images to campaigns whenever applicable. Why? Because high quality pictures give your offers that extra boost. Let’s say you own a local bar and grill. Every Wednesday you run a 25 cent wing special. You fire out an early redemption offer to your loyal SMS subscribers, so they can be the first to cash in on this awesome deal. Now, imagine if you attached a mouthwatering image to that campaign. You will definitely experience better results.

Birthday Rewards

Fire out an automated mobile offer to subscribers on their special day. Not only does this encourage offer redemption, it also drastically increases brand loyalty and strengthens customer relationship management. When sending out birthday rewards, keep it broad and easy to redeem. Don’t make subscribers jump through hoops once a year to claim a birthday gift.

Text to Win Contests

As long as you’re promoting an irresistible grand prize, text to win contests can easily double, even triple, your list growth. They capture the attention of potential subscribers, and at the very least, reward current list members with possible winnings. With a text to win contest, make sure your entry dates are clearly stated, as well as the exact date and time the winner will be announced. Be completely transparent, as this will increase opt ins and contest sign ups.

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