3 Ways SMS Marketing Is Helping the Tanning Industry

SMS marketing is the new trend that has taken the tanning salon industry by storm. Small and mid level businesses are benefitting massively and are increasingly improving their market share. In its essence SMS marketing is a low cost marketing solution with wide scale benefits. A number of industries have been using this marketing strategy to good effect for a number of years. Now it seems that the tanning industry is also following suit. Let’s discuss in detail some of the benefits that tanning salons can get by using SMS marketing.

Improve Customer Service

SMS marketing allows businesses to create an interpersonal connection with the customers. This close relationship is essential for the growth of the business. Customers are the most valuable commodity for an organization which is why it is imperative to keep in touch with them at all times. By using this service tanning salons can schedule appointments and send reminders to clients. Furthermore texting can be used to engage clients and improve relations with them. Tanning salons are able to retain customers more easily as better customer service is achieved through progressive communication.

Increase Sales

SMS Marketing For Tanning SalonsAnother major benefit of using SMS marketing is that it helps tanning salons increase sales and boost profits. SMS marketing has a wide outreach meaning that you are very likely to get more customers. A widening customer base will eventually lead to an increase in revenue which is beneficial for the overall health of the business. You may also be able to increase your brand’s awareness by advertising through these messages.

Easy Management

SMS marketing helps business managers control their business in a more efficient manner. Unlike other marketing methods SMS marketing is a lot simpler and doesn’t require any complex knowledge. Tanning salons cam also target specific customers that are interested in their services rather than randomly circulating messages. Lastly SMS marketing is also very cheap so small enterprises like tanning salons can easily afford it.


The tanning industry is growing rapidly in our country and this only goes to show the potential these small and mid level businesses have. When it comes to marketing solutions, SMS marketing is one of the best and most effective. The endless benefits of using this service make it a no brainer for most businesses. SMS marketing aids business development and can take your tanning salon from the introduction stage to maturity in no time at all.

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