3 Ways SMS Marketing Is Way More Powerful Than Twitter

SMS marketing vs TwitterThis has been a hotly debated topic in recent times with interesting arguments from both sides. In the field of marketing we are constantly making advances and every now and then we come across a new tool. Twitter, the social media giant has been recently making waves for its marketing potential which has got business managers interested. But how does this new entrant compete against an established marketing tool like SMS marketing. The contest is certainly very tough because both have their advantages but which marketing tool will give you the edge in a highly competitive market. Experts believe that despite Twitter’s popularity SMS marketing still holds firm as the premier marketing tool. Let’s discuss why SMS marketing is more powerful than Twitter.

Audience Size

You could say that SMS marketing caters to a global audience whereas Twitter doesn’t even come close to matching it. In order to use Twitter you need an internet connection and a computer. In some parts of the world these facilities are still not available. On the other hand mobile phones are used throughout the world with estimates reporting that there are 4.2 billion SMS enabled devices in the world. Twitter only has 100 million accounts. So any business manager looking to target a large audience or an even a specific audience will find that SMS marketing is far more purposeful than Twitter.

Response Rate

The response rate for SMS marketing is considerably higher than that of Twitter. A tweet could go unseen for days while on the other hand text messages are read instantly. According to research a text is read 95% of the time and often within the first 5 minutes. This goes to show how effective SMS marketing is. You cannot measure Twitter with such statistics because it was mainly only meant for social interaction and updates.

Target Oriented and Personalized

SMS marketing is personalized and directed towards a specific target market. This helps create brand association and attracts the right type of customer. On the other hand tweets are generalized and spread out randomly. You won’t see a tweet specifically mentioning your name or addressing you. It will be sent out as a general marketing message to as many people as possible. SMS marketing helps create a relationship with the customer which is essential for the growth of a business. In truth Twitter cannot compete equally with SMS marketing because text messaging is too far ahead.

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