3 Ways to Overcome the Challenges of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing ChallengesSMS is one of the most effective ways that a business can market to their customers, yet it remains one of the most challenging forms of marketing, too. SMS marketing is challenging because you only know two things: the phone number and that it was sent. This leaves it difficult to market relevant offers to a consumer. With SMS marketing it is all about presenting opportunities and giving the user information. So how can you overcome the SMS challenges and turn it into the success that it can be? Take a look at these three valuable steps.

  1. Metadata is Important

It is perfectly fine to offer a mobile signup form on your web page. However, with the help of a radio button that collects metadata you can make the process of signing up for your mobile list far easier for everyone involved. They will enjoy saving time and you still have the valuable, in depth data needed to make a difference in each and every marketing campaign that you offer.

If you’re not offering a signup via  a webpage, that is certainly okay and you can still find ways to incorporate metadata into the process. From using an age verification process or something else, you can find many ways to collect the important data that is needed for successful campaigns.

  1. Create a Subscriber Profile

Creating a profile of the way that an individual interacts with your sms marketing campaigns is highly effective. You can take past campaigns and tally the results from there, breaking it down into smaller segments as you go along.

You can do this at two levels, the macro level or the personal level. If you elect to take things to the macro level there are additional benefits that are found. This includes learning when your campaigns are most effective. Individual level profiles help you learn who is visiting and the reason for their visit. When you track this information over a period of time you can better learn  their behaviors, what they are wanting and then can personalize campaigns their needs.

  1. Email and SMS Marketing Go together

Like cookies and milk, sms marketing and email go together that good, and it is imperative that you incorporate them together. You need to have a common field so that you can track data between the two, so you might consider using Facebook to gather email addresses or ask for mobile numbers when a person signs up for alerts. Once you have your campaigns linked together you can collect data that can be used to provide offers that the individual shopper wants. Once you have become comfortable doing this you can even take things a step further and add social media integration to the process.

Although SMS marketing is new and different to anything that you’ve ever before seen it is truly an incredible way to reach customers and build brand loyalty. These three steps are all there to help you get started and eliminate the challenges that come with  text marketing.

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