4 SMS Marketing Contest Ideas for Nightclubs

SMS marketing for nightclubsSMS marketing is a marketing tool that has helped propel many businesses to the top. According to experts in this modern era every business needs a reliable marketing medium that is made for the long term. SMS marketing is once such medium that fits the description perfectly which is why it is so popular. Recently nightclubs have started using this texting service as well to enhance their operations. Due to tough competition in the market most clubs are having a hard time grasping the consumers’ attention. So here are a few SMS marketing contest ideas for nightclubs that will surely help you win over customers.

Singing and Dancing Contests

Television shows have made singing and dancing competitions very popular these days. As a nightclub owner you must take advantage of this fact and implement a similar strategy. You can use SMS marketing to start a contest that will improve customer engagement. You can hold a dance off or a special singing night with prizes on offer for the winners. Just text your customers informing them about the contest, ask them to text you back if they wish to participate. These contests are likely to draw in large crowds and are a great way to increase your earnings.

Ladies Night

You can schedule special events such as a ladies night where people can avail discounts on drinks and food. Targeting a specific demographic will help you increase your customer base. You can offer more discounts to those who bring friends along. Remember that in order to satisfy your customers you will have to plan events similar to this on a regular basis.

Trivia Contests

You could even use SMS marketing to hold trivia contests. Ask your customers interesting questions with prizes on offer for those who get the right answers. You could offer the winner the chance to decide the drink of the month for the club or give someone the chance to be a bartender for the day. You can be as creative as you like with the rewards.

Special Guests/Events

New Year’s night and other special days give you the opportunity to earn more money than usual. You can use SMS marketing to bring in more customers. If you have a special DJ coming to the club then you can advertise in advance. Offer discounts and entries to only those who show mobile coupons at the entry gate. Try to create an environment where your customers can enjoy and appreciate what you are doing for them.

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