5 SMS Marketing Ideas for Spring Break

SMS Marketing For Spring BreakSpring break is a great time for businesses to rope in new customers and broaden their operations. Marketing activity is very high at this time of the year and the competition is very rich. Experts believe that SMS marketing is the perfect marketing tool that can help your business gain an edge over the competition. SMS marketing is especially useful at this time of the year. Since most people spend their time outdoors and the only medium to catch their attention is a cell phone. Using this messaging service, you can communicate on a more inter personal level. Here are a few top tips for using SMS marketing effectively during spring break.

Brand Building

Spring break is an excellent opportunity to start brand building. Consumers are always looking for something different, something that stands out from the rest. Use SMS marketing to develop your advertising campaign around a unique idea. Try to create an association between your product and Spring time so that it appeals to customers.

Spring Cleaning

Most people see spring as cleaning time. You will see garage sales all over your neighborhood. This is the sort of thing that you need to take advantage of. Lower your prices; have a clear out sale of some sort. By mixing the idea of spring cleaning with your business you give people incentive to buy.

Family Time

The spring holidays also give families a chance to come together. This is another marketing opportunity for your business. Use SMS marketing to offer family deals to your customers. If you are a restaurant owner then a good idea would be to offer discounts on family meals etc.

Holiday Advertising

You must take advantage of all holidays that fall during the spring period. These are the days when people will have free time and might actually go out to do some shopping. If you are a spa owner than consider giving special discounts on holidays. Once you build a relationship with the customer they will automatically come back the next time.

Post Spring Campaign

Just as Spring break comes to an end everything returns to normal. This is not then end though but instead it is another advertising opportunity for your business. Once the children go back to school the parents are likely to be tired and will want a break of their own. So target those that didn’t actually get a break during summer.

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