A Review of Slicktext.com, a Top Online Texting Service

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At SMS Marketing Watch, we’re always on the lookout for new providers. We want to give our readers the best recommendations, in relation to SMS marketing. We’ve watched Slicktext.com grow from a baby provider in 2012 to a go to online texting service. Thousands of business owners make use of their easy to use platform. We conducted our own internal review, and here’s our thoughts.

Unparalleled Customer Support

After speaking with Bobby over at Slick Text, it was very clear. This company values support, not just service. He was willing to walk us through their awesome features, and give us a one on one personalized training session. Because SMS marketing hasn’t quite become mainstream, support is important. It helps bridge the gap between beginner and pro.

Dense Learning Tools

If you want to succeed with SMS marketing, educate yourself. Even the greatest marketing professionals must brush up on the specifics of this method. Slick Text actually has a dense learning center packed with tons of useful resources. Skim through it, and learn everything there is to know about SMS marketing.

A Free SMS Marketing Plan

Wait, did you see FREE?! The guys over at Slick Text offer a free plan for all new users. On top of that, no credit card is required at signup. Keep in mind, this is a free plan, not a free trial, so you’re never forced to upgrade. They let you grow at your own pace, and will never sell you something you just don’t need.

What would like to see from them in the near future?

After sifting through their platform and features, we would like to see them offer automated drip campaigns. Slick Text caters to small business owners looking for an immediate and affordable way to grow their business. Taking this into consideration, we think that a bit more automation would make the SMS marketing process relatively hands free for the first time user.

After reading this, does Slick Text sound like a perfect fit? If so, give them a call today at 1.800.688.6290 to sign up.

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