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17 Aug 2014

Basic Guidelines for Boosting Text Marketing Opt Ins

Any company who participates in SMS marketing must adhere to a number of different guidelines. Now, with new guidelines and changes, those who finally had it all down pact may now find themselves unsure of how to
11 Aug 2014

SMS Marketing and App Development

New apps are being produced on what seems like a daily basis. Those who are creating these new apps are certainly proud of their productions, however, as with all businesses they, too, want bigger and better ways
16 Apr 2014

3 Ways to Overcome the Challenges of SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the most effective ways that a business can market to their customers, yet it remains one of the most challenging forms of marketing, too. SMS marketing is challenging because you only know two
24 Feb 2014

Top Reasons Text Marketing Increases Church Attendance

Text marketing has provided a more convenient way for people to be in touch with a mass audience or with one person in particular, depending upon the needs at that exact moment. In relation to using text
21 Feb 2014

7 ways to Grow a Text Message Marketing List in your Gun Shop

Gun shops should not wait any longer to jump on the SMS marketing bandwagon. This scheme has proven itself beneficial time and time again to a plethora of different types of businesses, including gun shops. Using Text
14 Feb 2014

Text Message Marketing: The New Kid On The Block

This infographic, created by gives you a peek at just some of the amazing statistics surrounding SMS marketing and why it’s so powerful. We hope that by after reading the stats featured here, you’ll understand exactly
4 Dec 2013

SMS Marketing Best Practices.

Understanding the best SMS marketing practices is a must if you plan to conduct a successful company. This form of marketing is popular for businesses of all types, and with good reason: it really works, and it
29 Oct 2013

The SMS Marketing How-To Guide

There are many different SMS marketing how-to guides out there and if you are someone that wants to see the size of their business grow in tremendous numbers, using such a service is an absolute must. SMS
17 Oct 2013

Text to Win Contests: How They Work

Text to win contests: If you’re not already offering them, why not? SMS marketing works, but those awesome text to win contests certainly works even better. Not utilizing text contests in your SMS marketing is a huge
9 Oct 2013

10 Quick SMS Marketing Tips

Learning SMS marketing isn’t difficult, but it does require that you spend a bit of time understanding the in’s and the outs of SMS marketing, what works, what doesn’t, etc. In reality this can be very time