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24 May 2013

Read Rates By Marketing Stream

This basic infographic from highlights the read rate percentages of 4 major digital marketing streams. SMS marketing takes the cake with a 98% open rate. Source:
23 May 2013

The Power of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is growing like a weed. More and more businesses and organizations are beginning to utilize this cost effective marketing tool as a way to engage their customers and grow their sales at the same time.
9 May 2013

How SMS Marketing Can Get Your Golf Course More Tee Times?

Golf courses like every other business want to bring in the maximum amount of customers so that they can earn more and grow their business. Golf courses that are already using SMS marketing are marching ahead of
7 May 2013

Three SMS Marketing Tips for Restaurants

SMS marketing is one of the best marketing tools that a restaurant can use today. It is cheap, direct and effective. Amongst the numerous other marketing strategies being used by restaurants today this definitely stands out head
6 May 2013

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

E commerce businesses are greatly benefiting by using SMS marketing these days. Those businesses that are using this strategy have marched ahead of their rivals. According to a recent study over 77% of the world’s population uses
26 Apr 2013

SMS Marketing For Bands

Music entertainers and bands can benefit massively from SMS marketing. Every band needs a good marketing plan to get more fans; this eventually leads to larger crowds at gigs and higher revenues in the long run. A
24 Apr 2013

Why SMS Marketing Is an Awesome Lead Generation Tool for Real Estate

SMS marketing is a fantastic tool for realtors. As the industry is expanding, newer tools are being used to reach out to customers and SMS marketing is one of these tools. Despite the presence of a lot
20 Apr 2013

3 Ways SMS Marketing Is Helping the Tanning Industry

SMS marketing is the new trend that has taken the tanning salon industry by storm. Small and mid level businesses are benefitting massively and are increasingly improving their market share. In its essence SMS marketing is a
18 Apr 2013

3 Ways SMS Marketing Is Way More Powerful Than Twitter

This has been a hotly debated topic in recent times with interesting arguments from both sides. In the field of marketing we are constantly making advances and every now and then we come across a new tool.
17 Apr 2013

5 SMS Marketing Ideas for Spring Break

Spring break is a great time for businesses to rope in new customers and broaden their operations. Marketing activity is very high at this time of the year and the competition is very rich. Experts believe that