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9 Dec 2015

How to Grow Your Email List with SMS Marketing

There are a ton of advantages that can be associated to SMS marketing. It’s not only an affordable method of mobile communication, but it’s also a channel that enables small business owners to grow their businesses effectively
6 Dec 2015

How to Maintain Consistency with Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Anyone who has been successful with digital marketing will tell you for free that consistency is one of the key elements in SMS marketing. If you fail to provide consistency in your marketing campaigns, then don’t be
4 Dec 2015

4 Marketing Tactics That Every Small Business Owner Should Try

If you’re a small business owner, you have already known how important it is to have a financial plan. If you have been looking at your income only, then you are missing out on something important –
10 Nov 2015

8 Undeniable SMS Marketing Benefits

SMS marketing is used by thousands of businesses around the world. Campaigns costing millions of dollars are being created by companies small and large. SMS marketing enables you to easily reach your customers via online text serving,
5 Nov 2015

SMS Marketing Takes Over as Dominating Mobile Force

By now, you should understand the basic ins and outs of SMS marketing. You should, at the very least, be able to explain simple campaign development, and understand the importance of valuable and exclusive incentives. Beyond that, what
27 Oct 2015

The Only Way to Grow Your SMS Marketing List

If you’re not growing your SMS marketing list, you honestly won’t experience long term success. Your SMS marketing results solely depend on your total number of subscribers, and how often they engage. If your subscribers aren’t paying attention to
22 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Compliance Holds Marketers to New Standard

Each marketing tactic has its own set of rules. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow you to private message customers from your business page. If they send you a message, you can then reply. But, you can’t go reaching
21 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Creates Opportunity for New Business Owners to Succeed

Opening up a new business for the very first time? It’s definitely not for everyone, and although the risk is high, the reward can also be great. With that said, you must always prioritize fiscal accountability. Set
14 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Boasts Incredibly High ROI

As a small business owner, you should be pretty familiar with the term ROI, or return on investment. If not, let’s do a brief run through. ROI is a form of measurement that helps you determine the
13 Oct 2015

So You’ve Partnered with an Online Texting Service, What’s Next?

You’ve joined forces with a top online texting service, and are ready to take the next step. So, what’s up next? Should you fire out your first campaign, or make a list of possible opt in incentives?