Before You Fire Out a Campaign, Brief Yourself On SMS Marketing Best Practices

sms marketing best practices

If you’re looking for success with SMS marketing, you must first become familiar with best practices. You can’t sign up with a top provider, forgo any type of necessary education, and then expect results. It’s completely unrealistic, and honestly, not possible. Failure to follow SMS marketing best practices will destroy your credibility, and ruin offer redemption.

Never send out a message before 9AM or after 9PM.

Would you want your phone going off at 1130PM? Probably not. Now, are there special circumstances? Absolutely. For example, a nightclub promoting a VIP event or drink specials can get away with firing out a message at night. But in general, respect people’s private time, and they will respect your campaigns.

Follow all CTIA compliance standards.

Not only is this an SMS marketing best practice, it’s absolutely imperative. Failure to follow proper compliance standards, could result in a slew of legal troubles, and at the bare minimum, account suspension.

Include a qualified and exclusive offer.

Your subscribers want to be treated like VIPs. They expect to receive exclusive and limited time offers. In fact, that’s why they signed up, right? Don’t ever disappoint your subscribers. If you do, opt outs will drastically increase. Remember, these people are giving you their personal cell number. If you abuse this privilege, you will pay the consequences. Don’t ruin your SMS marketing efforts by losing touch with these best practices.

Respect the original frequency.

When subscribers first opt in to your list, they are promised to receive X amount of messages per month. The standard is usually four, or sometimes five. Respect this original stated frequency. Step outside that, and risk losing subscriber’s trust.

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