SMS Marketing - Ideas

11 Aug 2014

SMS Marketing and App Development

New apps are being produced on what seems like a daily basis. Those who are creating these new apps are certainly proud of their productions, however, as with all businesses they, too, want bigger and better ways
21 Feb 2014

7 ways to Grow a Text Message Marketing List in your Gun Shop

Gun shops should not wait any longer to jump on the SMS marketing bandwagon. This scheme has proven itself beneficial time and time again to a plethora of different types of businesses, including gun shops. Using Text
6 Sep 2013

How Nail Salons can Benefit with SMS Marketing

People are busy living their lives –they don’t have time to sit and read pointless emails, talk on the phone for endless amounts of time or to watch webcast after webcast to communicate with a business or
27 Aug 2013

Modeling Agencies Benefit From SMS Marketing

Modeling agencies are one business that can greatly benefit from SMS marketing. These agencies are always on the lookout for models for various gigs, and with SMS marketing you can be certain that you are reaching the
27 Aug 2013

SMS Marketing for Video Rental Companies

Everyone loves to kick back and watch a good movie at home with all of their favorite people, and if you are the owner o f a video rental company, getting a large number of customers to
14 Aug 2013

Network Marketers Can Benefit with Text Marketing

With developments and incredible advancements that have been made in technology over the past 20 years, network marketers have quickly capitalized on the benefits of telemarketing, internet advertising, and most recently, social media marketing. Now, the network
14 Aug 2013

Promote an Interesting Contest with Text Marketing

One of the easiest ways to attract a consumer to your brand is to have a contest. People love the thrill of entering a contest and the chance to win a great prize, and it is certainly
14 Aug 2013

Market Research Companies Benefit With Text Marketing

Market research companies are in a constant need of reaching out to a specially targeted group of individuals to help them perform a wide variety of research on topics ranging from restaurants to tobacco products and many
31 Jul 2013

SMS Marketing Ideas for Your Jewelry Store

More and more jewelry stores are utilizing SMS marketing into their promotional efforts because it has quickly proven itself a top contender in the endeavors. SMS marketing enables you to communicate with consumers via their mobile device,
15 Jul 2013

3 Benefits of SMS Marketing

There’s but one way to become a successful business owner- to have a large base of customers who turn to you for their needs. With so many companies around the world offering similar services or perhaps even