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22 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Compliance Holds Marketers to New Standard

Each marketing tactic has its own set of rules. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow you to private message customers from your business page. If they send you a message, you can then reply. But, you can’t go reaching
14 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Boasts Incredibly High ROI

As a small business owner, you should be pretty familiar with the term ROI, or return on investment. If not, let’s do a brief run through. ROI is a form of measurement that helps you determine the
27 Aug 2015

Real Estate Agents Use Online Texting Service to Streamline Communication

So you know that SMS marketing is ideal for restaurants and retailers, but what about other business professionals? Over the past few years, we’ve observed consistent growth in the real estate arena. Agents choose to partner up with
26 Aug 2015

Text Messaging Actually Assists in Individual Pain Relief

If the over the counter pain relievers aren’t keeping you in tip top shape, perhaps take advantage of messaging abilities offered by an online texting service. Wait, what? Think we just make this stuff up? Think again. According to RTI
20 Aug 2015

Top Qualities of SMS Marketing Companies That Really Care

When sifting through SMS marketing companies, keep an eye out for these top qualities. Partner up with a provider that puts your needs and success at the forefront. Make sure they’re in it for the long haul, and
13 Aug 2015

A Review of, a Top Online Texting Service

At SMS Marketing Watch, we’re always on the lookout for new providers. We want to give our readers the best recommendations, in relation to SMS marketing. We’ve watched grow from a baby provider in 2012 to
11 Aug 2014

SMS Marketing and App Development

New apps are being produced on what seems like a daily basis. Those who are creating these new apps are certainly proud of their productions, however, as with all businesses they, too, want bigger and better ways
24 Feb 2014

Top Reasons Text Marketing Increases Church Attendance

Text marketing has provided a more convenient way for people to be in touch with a mass audience or with one person in particular, depending upon the needs at that exact moment. In relation to using text
21 Feb 2014

7 ways to Grow a Text Message Marketing List in your Gun Shop

Gun shops should not wait any longer to jump on the SMS marketing bandwagon. This scheme has proven itself beneficial time and time again to a plethora of different types of businesses, including gun shops. Using Text
4 Dec 2013

SMS Marketing Best Practices.

Understanding the best SMS marketing practices is a must if you plan to conduct a successful company. This form of marketing is popular for businesses of all types, and with good reason: it really works, and it