Collect Residual Income By Partnering with SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing services

Did you know that top SMS marketing services actually offer an affiliate program? For those of you who don’t understand affiliate marketing, let’s break it down with a quick and easy explanation. Have you ever seen referral programs for your favorite online retailers? You essentially join the program, and collect a commission for every new customer you refer. This is the basis of affiliate marketing.

Popular SMS marketing services now offer easy to join affiliate programs. Some even pay up to 25% commission. Because most SMS marketing services charge a recurring monthly fee, this means that you, the affiliate marketer, receive a residual monthly commission.

So, how does one actually promote SMS marketing? Well, if you already work as a marketing or small business consultant, you just share your affiliate link on the site. You can take it one step further, and charge a monthly management fee. However, only do this if you’re truly an SMS marketing pro.

Never provide a service if you don’t fully understand the scope of your responsibilities. But, if you’ve mastered SMS marketing, then by all means – collect an affiliate commission as well as a monthly management fee. This is yet another way to make extra cash with SMS marketing.

If you don’t feel comfortable managing another person’s SMS marketing accounts, then simply post affiliate links on your website or blog. In addition, write up a short recommendation about why readers should select this service.

This same formula rings true with all affiliate programs. You can easily collect extra income by partnering up with top service providers that offer referral rewards. Now, don’t just go into it for the money. To truly cultivate loyalty and experience long term success with affiliate marketing, you must earn the trust of your readers.

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