Here’s Why SMS List Segmentation Increases Offer Redemption

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SMS marketing list segmentation is an advanced tactic, but still necessary to long term growth. If you segment your list accordingly, you’ll observe an immediate and drastic increase in offer redemption. Below are a couple common list segmentation questions. It might not necessarily be an easy task to conquer, but if you stay focused, it easily yields the best results.

How can you segment your list?

You can segment your list based on age, gender, purchasing habits, media preferences, etc. There is no limit or end to list segmentation, but make sure each segment holds a qualified group of people. If your segments are too deep or specific, you’ll have hundreds of different 1-3 subscriber groups.  This just creates way too much work for your SMS account manager, and isn’t a viable long term solution. Ideally, you want your segments to hold 10+ subscribers, at the very least. This assures that your campaign creation efforts won’t go to waste.

How does segmentation increase offer redemption?

Segmentation allows you to send out extremely qualified offers to list subscribers. For example, let’s say you own a busy nightclub. Once a week, you hold an 18+ night, and allow underaged residents to enjoy food, dancing, and non alcoholic beverages. Now, ideally, do you want to promote this 18+ night to patrons over 21? No, not necessarily. If you segment your subscribers based on age, you can fire out an 18+ promotion to those subscribers who fit this demographic. In return, the subscribers that receive this message are qualified, and therefore, offer redemption will be high.

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