Here’s Why Your SMS Marketing Subscribers Are Opting Out

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most affordable and effective mobile communication tools, if done correctly. It can encourage long term small business growth, and strengthen customer relationship management. Unfortunately, not every single subscriber follows SMS marketing best practices, so in turn, they don’t experience maximum results. If your SMS subscribers are opting out, here’s several reasons why.

1. Your offers just aren’t appealing.

If people aren’t redeeming your offers, and on top of that, opting out at lightening speed, guess what? Your offers just aren’t making the cut. Make sure they aren’t too specific, as this could be a major opt out catalyst. For example, if you own a burger shop, don’t discount one speciality burger. Instead, fire out a mobile coupon that discounts all burgers. With SMS marketing, the broader the offer, the better. You will capture mass interest.

2. You invaded their personal space or quiet time.

Are you sending out five messages a week? Or maybe you’re just firing out campaigns at 1130PM, which can definitely heighten frustration. What’s one of the biggest must follow rules of SMS marketing? Don’t be invasive. It will only hurt you in the long run, as subscribers will immediately dismiss your marketing messages.

3. Your campaigns are too complicated.

You always use up the maximum character allotment. You’re long winded, and sandwich offer details with tons of useless sales jargon. No wonder you’re experiencing a high opt out. You’re making offer redemption too difficult, and in the day and age of heavy distractions, that just simply won’t do.

 4. They’re just not about that SMS life.

Sorry, but SMS marketing isn’t for everyone. Certain demographics just don’t respond well to SMS marketing, and that’s completely ok. You can’t force them to adopt this communication tactic, and doing so will only damage your brand reputation.

Eliminate opt outs by following these tips.

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