How SMS Marketing Can Get Your Golf Course More Tee Times?

SMS marketing for golf coursesGolf courses like every other business want to bring in the maximum amount of customers so that they can earn more and grow their business. Golf courses that are already using SMS marketing are marching ahead of their rivals in the industry. This goes to show that the use of SMS marketing is effective. It is a great tool to spread information in real time. In the modern era you need to use these technological advancements or else you could be left behind. Let’s look at how SMS marketing can help your golf course get more tee times.

General Promotion

You can regularly reach out to customers through SMS marketing. You no longer have to put up posters or distribute pamphlets to promote your golf club. Just use the messaging service to spread the word.

Timely Updates

Since SMS marketing is done in real time you can always keep the customers updated about any changes in schedule etc. Maybe you are renovating a certain part of the course then you could use this service to inform customers.

Special Deals

Let the customers know if you are offering a special weekly or daily deal. The more the tee times the better it is for your golf course. For example: You could send out an SMS marketing message saying 25% off on Tuesdays etc.

Event Announcements

Any upcoming event needs to be advertised properly and there is no better way of golf advertising than SMS marketing. You can just send out a single text message to multiple members at the same time informing them about the event. It will be very convenient for the customers as well as they won’t have to visit the golf course every now and then to get the required information.

Mobile Coupons

You can use SMS marketing coupons very effectively to sell your golf products. Any item that is just sitting on the shelf could be shipped out using this strategy. It is a great long term solution for your business. You could send out a message saying buy 2 clubs and get a golf ball for free.

Game Information

You can use SMS marketing to send out messages to players updating them about the game at every point. You can send detailed texts outlining the details of every hole and maybe offering some advice on which shots to play. This can be like an in game dictionary or manual that you could use every time you are on the course.

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