How SMS Marketing Drives Small Business Traffic

SMS Marketing For Small BusinessSMS marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is a term that might sound complicated to some people but those who know about it will tell you that it’s actually a simple marketing method. SMS stands for short messaging service. It’s a service that you most likely have on your cell phone. It is used to communicate with others and in this case to market goods and services. Basically SMS marketing involves sending advertising messages out to potential customers. These messages could be used to inform customers about a lucky draw or offer a discount etc.


Experts believe that SMS marketing is one of the best ways of advertising your business in this modern day and age. Small and medium sized businesses can benefit a lot by using this approach. It costs less money but has a wider reach than most mediums. According to research, businesses that have implemented this strategy have benefited massively. Let’s discuss the various aspects of SMS marketing and how it can drive traffic to your business.

Bringing in New Customers

This is perhaps the essential aim of every business. By increasing the size of the customer base any business can increase their profits. Using SMS marketing businesses can reach out to a larger audience and thus expand their operations.

Brand Building

The entire brand building exercise is based on an effective marketing campaign. By using SMS marketing marketers can interact with customers on a more personal level, this helps create brand loyalty and association. Once the customers begin to trust the business and its products they are less likely to switch allegiances.

It’s Appealing

SMS marketing is very appealing since its short and concise. The whole idea is to transmit a short but effective message. According to research, text messages are read 95% of the time and also have a higher response ratio. This goes to show that text messages are the best way to drive traffic to your business.

Social Media Interaction

SMS marketing can be used to create a link between two mediums. Let’s say you have a Facebook page but don’t have enough likes. In such a scenario you can use text messages to increase your followers on social networking sites. A lot of eateries offer a discounted price to customers who comment on their status updates.

Real Time Marketing

In today’s modern era you need to implement a strategy that allows you to market your products in real time. SMS marketing is an excellent way of doing this. You can use this messaging service to good effect by sending out messages at specific times. For example: sending out messages at lunch time that offer lunch coupons. This gives people incentive to visit your shop. Over the long term this strategy can be very successful.

Targeted Marketing

Another benefit of SMS marketing is that it allows you to cater to a specific target market. Business managers have control over the sending of messages and they are not just floated around randomly. This helps in driving traffic to your business and creates a positive impression on the intended target audience.


Many people might wonder why they should be using text marketing when there are other options available as well. Well firstly business managers need to realize that this type of marketing is here to stay. We are using it now and will use it in the future as well. So it is a safe investment which will give you high returns in the future. SMS marketing is cost effective and delivers maximum impact and is thus capable of driving huge traffic to your business. If you are not using this service then you are missing out a huge opportunity.

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