How SMS Marketing Works For Video Game Stores?

SMS marketing for video game storesVideo game stores and SMS marketing have now become words that people are using in the same sentences. Given the popularity of SMS marketing it is no surprise that more and more businesses are trying out this medium. According to industry analysts it is the perfect long term solution for your business. It is cheap, efficient and reliable making it the marketing tool of choice for small business owners. Video game stores that are already using this service are benefitting greatly. Let’s take a look at how SMS marketing works for video game stores.

Client Database

With the use of SMS marketing now business owners can reach out to customers more openly. You can create a list of clients and add them to your texting list. These SMS club members will receive all the updates and information regularly. You can also offer them additional benefits such as discounts on bulk buying if they subscribe to your SMS marketing plan.

New Games

Gamers are always keen to know when new games will be launched and when they will be made available for purchase previously customers had to visit video game stores regularly to find out this information but now with SMS marketing they can receive instant real time updates. You can send out messages indicating when a new game is available, this will also help you manage shelf space a lot better.

Special Sale

You can use SMS marketing to inform customers about any special clearance sale that you are having. This will help you clear out the old stock and in the process you can also make some good money. Generally such events are held on special holidays such as Christmas, Easter etc.

Gaming Contest

Gamers love to compete against one another and you could give them the opportunity to do so. You can setup a gaming contest at your video game store encouraging customers to participate by offering rewards to the winners. You can use SMS marketing to spread the message to your audience.


You need to interact regularly with your customers if you want to win their trust. Video game store owners can use the texting service to regularly remind customers about visiting the store. You can use the SMS marketing coupons system to offer discounts to those who show up at your store. This strategy will help you bring in customers regularly and thus improve your chances of success in the industry.

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