How to Gain Your SMS Marketing List

SMS marketing is a relatively new form of marketing, but it is one proving just how successful it can be in its short time around. Businesses who opt for SMS marketing, as it is also called, can send text messages to customers and potential customers of various nature. These text messages can provide customers with a deal or a discount or simply provide them information about a special event or promotion.

Gaining a SMS List

Growing your SMS Marketing ListWhile the multitude of ways to use text message marketing is endless, it is getting those customers to text message that poses the hardest amount of work. We all know what spam is, and spamming people is the last thing that you want to do. How in the world can you ever gain your SMS marketing list without resorting to the undesired spamville?

The easiest way to build a long list of people to send your text messages to is to ask your customers. The worst thing they can say is no, and that two letter word is okay to hear sometimes. But, if you make it an enticing offer, chances are they’re not saying no and will be more than happy to become a subscriber of your list and learn of your latest and greatest offers via text message. You can entice a customer to come your way by offering a “new subscriber” special, like a free offer or discount coupon.

Advertising your SMS marketing list is another way to gain subscribers. Make those on social media networking sites aware of what you are going by placing a quick and easy link to the ‘opt-in.’ By the way, Justas you want to make it easy for a customer to subscribe to your list, you also want to make it just as easy for them to opt out of receiving that list as well. This is all a part of doing good business with customers, and remember, it is okay to hear no sometimes.

The List-Building Does Not Stop

There are other ways to advertise your marketing list as well. Some people use QR Codes to do this, others opt for short codes to text to. You can place ads online and in print with easy subscription information included in these listings.

An in-store sign-up is also a great way to gain contacts for your SMS marketing campaign. Even if you are an online store setting up shop in a local store in the neighborhood can quickly spill the beans about your company and gain more traffic, more customers and hopefully this will result in more profits coming your way.

While there are certainly a number of other ways that you can build your SMS list, those methods listed above are among some of the best that you can utilize. Take advantage of them all and you can quickly grow your business and your marketing list.

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