How to Grow Your Email List with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing

There are a ton of advantages that can be associated to SMS marketing. It’s not only an affordable method of mobile communication, but it’s also a channel that enables small business owners to grow their businesses effectively without having to spend too much. If you opt for this method, you will be amazed at how easily you will be able to reach both new and existing customers with just a click of a button.

Besides helping you reach your customers easily, SMS marketing also has the potential of growing your email list. In ideal cases, it’s recommended that SMS campaigns be coupled with several other effective marketing methods. This helps you to keep in touch with your esteemed customers even after they opt out of your SMS marketing list. For example, if a customer who’s in your SMS marketing list decides to unsubscribe from the SMS service, you can still get in touch through another media, i.e. social media or email.

The important question here is; how do you use text message marketing to grow your email list? Well, for starters, you need to partner with a reliable online text service provider. You can then utilize their email capture feature in your dashboard, after which you can compose your custom message that will be sent out to your subscribers after initial opt in. The text will simply request your subscribers for their email address, and in exchange they will receive a special offer.

When sending out text messages to your subscribers, it’s important to try as much as possible not to be invasive. This means that you shouldn’t take advantage of their contact information. Remember to reward your subscribers once they share their email address with you. Doing so will not only increase long term customer engagement, but it will also strengthen the credibility of your marketing campaigns.

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