Modeling Agencies Benefit From SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing For Modeling AgenciesModeling agencies are one business that can greatly benefit from SMS marketing. These agencies are always on the lookout for models for various gigs, and with SMS marketing you can be certain that you are reaching the people that you need to reach when you want to reach then. You can use SMS marketing to alert models of upcoming gigs, inspiring models of open auditions, tips for success, surveys, contests, information and more. Since everyone had a mobile device with them at almost all times these days,  taking advantage of text message marketing is certainly something that will greatly benefit your agency.

What is Text Message Marketing?

SMS marketing is a new way to reach out to customers, clients and consumers, bring more awareness to your business while hopefully increasing profits and the list of happy customers that you see walking through the doors of your modeling agency. This marketing technique sends a 160-character or less text message to individuals who have opted-in to receive such communication from you, and can be used to offer a number of different things beneficial to both your company as well as those on the list.

Text messages can be sent at any time of the night or day, reaching the hands of as many as 98% of all who receive them. This makes SMS marketing the most effective form of marketing that can be found. When you send a message you can rest assured that they got the message, and if it is interesting enough, they will respond to that message.

How does SMS Marketing Benefit your Agency?

The many benefits of SMS marketing are sure to please you. Those benefits include:

  • Affordable costs for messaging campaigns small and large
  • Instant access to subscribers
  • Easy
  • Effective, with as many as 98% of all messages opened and read
  • Many additional features that enhance your marketing capabilities, including inside analytics and social media integration
  • A way to personally connect with those who are genuinely interested in your agency
  • Quick and pain-free

These are just a handful of the many benefits that SMS marketing offers to your modeling agency, so why delay getting those benefits for yourself when it is so easy to do?

How to Use SMS marketing

As mentioned above there are a number of different ways that you can use text messages to communicate and entice your customers. You can offer them a free consultation with one of your modeling experts or a free class at your modeling school. Your messages could inform them of a contest that you are holding for a new model, or even of upcoming auditions they may be interested in. There are certainly an endless amount o possibilities with SMS marketing.

Send customers a message whenever the situation arises, but be careful not to send so many messages they see it as being spam. One message per day or a weekly message Is most often recommended.

The Bottom Line

SMS marketing has proven itself time and time again, and if you are ready to put your modelingagency on the top of the list, it is time to utilize SMS marketing and enjot the many benefits that it will bring your way.

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