Network Marketers Can Benefit with Text Marketing

Text Marketing For Network MarketersWith developments and incredible advancements that have been made in technology over the past 20 years, network marketers have quickly capitalized on the benefits of telemarketing, internet advertising, and most recently, social media marketing. Now, the network marketing world is turning to SMS marketing as an attractive tool for increasing brand recognition. How beneficial is it and how can network marketers effectively utilize such a powerful tool to maximize brand awareness?

About 66% of the world’s population now owns a cell phone. About half of those in the United States, are smartphones. Ever notice when waiting in line at a Starbucks how many people are busy on their cell phones, whether texting, browsing the internet, or looking for the latest Starbucks coupon? It was inevitable for businesses to capitalize on the sheer number of mobile phone-addicted consumers in their marketing strategies.

With a simple text message, your potential reach is endless. If your brand is national (or international), a local advertisement might only capture a few thousand potential customers and lack a persuasive “call to action” that text messages can arouse. Text messages, on the other hand, are widespread.


There are various ways to maximize SMS marketing in your marketing strategy. The first thing you should do is sign up for a reputable text message marketing service that can help organize the influx of texts and cell phone numbers. Successful text message marketing starts with the right message in the right context. The most common use for a business is to release an advertisement (via radio, television, and print), encouraging people (“calling to action,” as the experts say) to text a keyword to what is called a “Short Code” (a five-digit code) in exchange for a coupon or entry into a contest. For example, Mary Kay can advertise its website and phone number on their automobiles, but how often does that encourage action? Imagine if that car was offering a coupon if you text the word “makeup” to 12345? Customers get an instant reply with a coupon and Mary Kay gets that person added to their SMS marketing contact list. It’s a win/win!

SMS marketing can go a step further if you have a network marketing team. Get them all added to the mobile marketing contact list and you can send them business tips, remind them of meetings and calls, and send them product updates. The same way email marketers let you categorize specific emails, mobile marketers allow you to separate mobile numbers to target specific consumers. Building email contact lists used to be the big thing in marketing. And while it is certainly still an incredibly effective tool, considering only 10-20% of emails are ever opened, it is losing its vigor. By contrast, 97% of texts are opened within just 15 minutes. That’s powerful stuff.

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