Prioritize These 3 SMS Marketing Rules

SMS marketing

Let’s use text messaging to grow your business. It’s affordable, immediate, and the ROI is something you can’t deny. When composing your first campaign, always keep SMS marketing best practices in mind. Sure, compliance standards are pretty dense, and definitely not the most entertaining. With that said, there are a few rules that you should definitely memorize, especially if you want to experience success with SMS marketing.

1. Fire out high value offers.

Subscribers gave away their personal cell numbers, with hopes of receiving exclusive discounts in return. Don’t disappoint them. Reward their loyalty with irresistible offers that eliminate eventual opt out as an option. You want subscribers to look forward to your messages, not instantly delete upon delivery.

2. Never add someone to your list without expressed consent.

SMS marketing follows permission based standards. This means that only subscribers who wish to receive your marketing messages can be added to your list. Adding a random phone number without consent may result in legal repercussions, or account suspension at the very least. Think of it this way. Why collect a long list of numbers, if only 10% of them are actually qualified? This will only lead to poor offer redemption rates, and discourage your efforts.

3. Make opt in and offer details crystal clear.

Don’t make the offer redemption process difficult. Similarly, make sure all customers know the correct opt in details. Triple check your promotional materials. Make sure there are no misspellings, misrepresentations, etc. Finally, make sure you’re including an irresistible opt in incentive. Don’t offer a simple 10% off coupon code, as this will do nothing for list growth.

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