Promote an Interesting Contest with Text Marketing

Text Marketing ContestsOne of the easiest ways to attract a consumer to your brand is to have a contest. People love the thrill of entering a contest and the chance to win a great prize, and it is certainly a highly-effective, popular way to gain more customers to your business while building awareness to your brand. By giving consumers the chance to win big they’ll tell others about your company and check you out, as well as what you are offering to them.

It is Time for a Contest

While there are a number of ways that you can conduct a contest, there is none better than through SMS marketing. SMS marketing, also called SMS marketing, has been around for a few years now and has quickly exploded on the scene as an effective method of promoting. Companies of all sizes and of all nature use text message marketing for various communication efforts between consumers- sending coupons, promotions, sales and special events, and yes, contests, are all popular ways that text marketing is being utilized.

The first step in conducting a contest via text marketing is to determine what the prize will be. You can choose something related to your company if you would like, or you can choose something that you simply know customers will love to own. Coffeemakers, gift cards, electronics and jewelry are all popular giveaway items.

Will there be one prize only, or are you offering something for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places as well? It is certainly your choice, but remember, the more prizes up for grabs the more people who will be inclined to enter the contest.

The Fun Keeps Going

To keep the contest fun and interesting, add a little flavor to the game. Ask customers to correctly guess the number of balls in a jar, with a photo sent to them via a message. Send a poll question that must be answered correctly. You can even challenge contestants to submit photographs or other creative talents for their chance to win. The possibilities are endless, but you can count on these ideals and similar to add tons of fun to the event.

When sending notification of the contents, ensure that you include all of the details of the contest inside of the message, as well as the prizes that are available. It may seem impossible to do this in 160-characters but with a bit of creativity it is certainly much less of a hassle. Also, make sure that you have a website or other method for contestants to view the full rules and requirements of the contest.

You can also use text messages to notify people of the winners once the contest has concluded if you would like.

As you can see using text marketing to conduct a contest is pretty simple to do, and it is certainly exciting. It is a wonderful way to help build loyalty to your brand while also attracting new customers to your business. It really works, and if you are ready to soar, ensure that you take into consideration what a contest can do for you.

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