Real Estate Agents Use Online Texting Service to Streamline Communication

online texting service for real estate agents

So you know that SMS marketing is ideal for restaurants and retailers, but what about other business professionals? Over the past few years, we’ve observed consistent growth in the real estate arena. Agents choose to partner up with an online texting service that can assist them in lead generation. This mobile communication tactic pairs up well with professionals in this industry. That all sounds good in theory, but how exactly do real estate agents make use of this text marketing? Keep reading for a great example.

Let’s say you’re driving by a new listing in your neighborhood. You’ve been looking to relocate for a while, but don’t have time to dig deep into MLS listings. You see a sign, but because you’re cruising by at 35 MPH, you can’t quite catch the agent’s name or ten digit phone number.

Days go by, and you forget about the listing. You meant to check it out online, but completely blanked. From the real estate agent’s perspective, that’s a missed opportunity. Why not simplify the call to action a bit?

Now, let’s rewind to that same scenario. Let’s say you cruised by, and in big bold letters saw these words.


You can easily remember that clear direction, so you text in, and get more listing information. A couple months later, and you’re living in a beautiful, brand new home.

This is exactly how real estate agents are taking advantage of text marketing. Of course, this process caters to smaller level agents, who are managing a handful of properties. But, all the same, this affordable solution will give you a quick return on your efforts.

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