SMS Marketing Compliance Holds Marketers to New Standard

SMS marketing

Each marketing tactic has its own set of rules. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow you to private message customers from your business page. If they send you a message, you can then reply. But, you can’t go reaching out to random strangers. What does this do? It prevents black hat marketers from disrupting the “digital peace”. Who wants to receive private messages from random businesses? No one.

With that said, SMS marketing also follows a similar set of compliance standards. For example, texting subscribers before 9AM or after 9PM is highly discouraged. In addition, marketers should never send SMS campaigns to numbers that haven’t opted in. Not only is this bad practice, it’s also completely illegal.

In general, these compliance standards do one thing, and that’s hold marketers to a higher standard. Without these rules, some of them unwritten, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy qualified marketing messages. This means business to consumer engagement would hit an all time low, and who knows what that would do for the economy. It definitely wouldn’t be good. Although compliance can sometimes be a pain in the neck, it’s a necessary evil. As a new school marketer, you must pay attention to these basic techniques.

Never step outside these standards, as it will result in account suspension. In some larger instances, you could even experience legal reprecussions. No one wants to deal with, so avoid all the trouble, and just obey the rules. Easy enough, right?

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