SMS Marketing Features We Hope to See in the Near Future

SMS marketing

We’re all for SMS marketing innovation. In fact, we honestly believe that there’s no other way. If a company isn’t striving for better, they simply won’t last. The digital space is highly competitive, so partner up with an SMS marketing provider that is working towards, or already touts these great features.

Email Integration

The more expansive your digital web of communication is, the better. Tons of top SMS marketing providers offer the email capture feature, but barely allow for email integration. In the near future, we’d like to see SMS users be able to capture emails that are automatically added to their provider database and campaign flow. Let’s just say you use MailChimp.

Drip Campaigns

Top SMS marketing provider, just launched this feature, but we’d like to see more companies hop on board. Set up drip campaigns that automatically touch base with your SMS subscribers. Make the communication process relatively hands free, all while still experiencing results. Ideally, we all want to take advantage of marketing tactics that require little to no day to day management.

CRM Integration

We would love to see an SMS marketing provider integrate customer relationship management capabilities. For example, build a dashboard that holds detailed subscriber information, as well as campaign details like open rate, time of open, number of link clicks, etc.

Long term, we think these three innovative features are crucial to user success, and the longevity of this mobile communication tactic. The companies who innovate are the ones that are in it for the long haul.

You can reach the guys over at by calling 1.800.688.6290. Or, if you’re ready to make the next move, hop over to their pricing page and sign up for a free plan, no credit card required. They offer a feature rich platform that prioritizes internal innovation and customer education.

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