SMS Marketing For Bands

SMS Marketing For BandsMusic entertainers and bands can benefit massively from SMS marketing. Every band needs a good marketing plan to get more fans; this eventually leads to larger crowds at gigs and higher revenues in the long run. A lot of young musicians lack the financial resources to back their ambition which is why they are left behind in the industry. However now with the use of SMS marketing these bands can reach out to a larger audience and improve their chances of success. Let’s take a detailed look at how SMS marketing can benefit bands.

Create Awareness

SMS marketing can be used to inform music listeners about the existence of your band. These campaigns are target towards a specific audience so you know that your messages aren’t going to waste. Once the listeners have an idea about your band they are likely to take interest which in turn could improve your fan following.

Event Information

Bands can use SMS marketing to inform their followers and fans about any upcoming events. This marketing tool is very effective for sharing information on a personal level. Those bands that use this service get larger crowds at gigs and thus increase their revenue.

Fans Special

Those fans that are really into your music and actively follow your band should be rewarded accordingly. SMS marketing can be used to offer special discounts on concert ticket prices. Furthermore these fans may also be given backstage access to make them feel more important.

Cost Saving

Band members will be pleased to know that SMS marketing is a lot cheaper than other advertising mediums. But despite being cost effective SMS marketing remains a highly efficient medium. By using this service you also eliminate the need to hire a band manager to market your band.

Career Growth

Bands can increase their popularity through SMS marketing. Over the long run this can lead to better career opportunities. Any band that is a hit with the crowd is likely to get offers from big labels. Fast career growth can be achieved through this excellent marketing tool.

Fan Feedback

Bands will find SMS marketing very useful because it also helps them keep track of feedback from fans. A poll could be created about the band’s best song or album. These are the sort of questions that will give the band insight into the audience’s thinking. In the future the band will be able to come up with better music and thus enhance their reputation.

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