SMS Marketing for Video Rental Companies

SMS Marketing For video rental stores

Everyone loves to kick back and watch a good movie at home with all of their favorite people, and if you are the owner o f a video rental company, getting a large number of customers to choose your business for their rental needs is something that you must do to stay in business and find the success that you are after. There is certainly a lot of competition out there, whether you are a online mail order company or a retail video rental company, and to get the following that you need you need to make yourself stand out from the crows.

Highly Effective Way to Market

While you can market your video rental service in numerous ways, none of those are better than SMS marketing. While not intended to use alone, SMS marketing is highly beneficial to a number of different types of businesses, including video rental companies. Utilizing an individuals’ mobile device, text message marketing enables you to attract a large number of people through instant messages on their cell phone. With the right offers you can gain a number of new customers to your business, and we all know that means more profit coming in as well.

How to use SMS marketing

You can use SMS marketing in many different ways when you want to reach out and touch your customers. Some of the exciting offers your customers will love to receive from you include:

  • Send special coupons, such as those for free movie rentals or even a bag of popcorn
  • Alert members of new releases and upcoming titles
  • Reserve Movies
  • Surveys
  • Contests
  • Special Sales
  • Subscriber-Only Discounts
  • Many More

The ideas for text message marketing are endless, but you can always rest assured that your company will never run out of idea to keep the customers happy. Once you’ve got the subscribers, continue to lure them in with fabulous offers that are sent only to those who subscribe to the list. Remember to take a personal tone with all of the messages, and always include a call to action, whether it is to visit your store or join in on the social media fun. Also make sure that you select a keyword for your SMS marketing, and ensure that it is something easy to remember and something related to the business that you are in.  SMS marketing can certainly help promote your video rental company if you allow it to do so.

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