SMS Marketing Ideas for Your Jewelry Store

SMS marketing for jewelry storesMore and more jewelry stores are utilizing SMS marketing into their promotional efforts because it has quickly proven itself a top contender in the endeavors. SMS marketing enables you to communicate with consumers via their mobile device, and we all know there is absolutely no better way to reach a large pool of individuals whom you can convert into jewelry store customers.

If you’ve already discovered the many benefits of SMS marketing for your jewelry store but are stuck at what you should send out to customers in these messages, take a look at these 5 ideas. Each and every idea allows you to reach the full potential of SMS marketing as you’ll be giving consumers what they want.


Everyone loves jewelry, but there is not a question that it can be expensive. If you want to lure customers inside of the door, send a special coupon to their mobile device. You can choose what type of offer to include on this coupon, whether it is a free cleaning, a percentage off of rings during specific days or hours (most businesses use coupons to attract customers during their slow periods)  or another exciting offer, customers love to be treated to a special discount and are more apt to come in to your jewelry store when there is money to be saved.


Another highly effective method of communicating with consumers via SMS marketing is with contests. Just as consumers love to get a discount, they also love to take their chances at winning special prizes, especially when it is something as nice as jewelry. There are many ways that you can easily create a fun contest and get more customers on your marketing list, more customers through the door and so much more.


Sales/Clearance Notifications
Sales and clearances are big eye-openers that will really entice customers to make a purchase, or at least a visit, to your jewelry store. Is there a 75% off necklaces sale? Are you discounting merchandise before it leaves your store for good? Send customers a notice via text message and you can be certain you will get rid of more of the jewelry that you need out of the way.


What better way to tell a customer you care than by offering them something for nothing? An occasional text for a freebie is going to do wonders in your marketing efforts. When you take care of customers they take care of you and will be more than inclined to tell all of their friends about you, and hopefully take it to the next level by sharing on social networks, blogs, etc.


Special Events
Are you holding a special in-store sale? Have something else going on to promote your business? Use your SMS marketing service to notify people and you can rest assured that you will get the results that you want.

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