SMS Marketing Takes Over as Dominating Mobile Force

SMS marketing

By now, you should understand the basic ins and outs of SMS marketing. You should, at the very least, be able to explain simple campaign development, and understand the importance of valuable and exclusive incentives. Beyond that, what makes your time with SMS marketing so well spent? Well, first and foremost, SMS communication does not discriminate across industries. Own a local pizza joint? Text messaging can easily help increase your lunchtime foot traffic. How about a high end dress boutique? SMS can help you increase brand awareness and online sales. See, unlike other limited mobile solutions, SMS marketing can translate across a variety of different purposes and mediums. Let’s say you’re not looking for a marketing solution, but instead, want to streamline your internal communication efforts. Guess what? Text messaging is still the answer. Sign up for a plan with your favorite provider, and simply use this as a web of communication.

When compared to other mobile solutions, SMS stands out as a top contender. Why? Although SMS marketing itself is a pretty new school technique, SMS helps bridge the gap between generations. SMS marketing isn’t just for millennials. In fact, even golden agers take advantage of this mobile communication tactic. However, when compared to something like app development and engagement, SMS definitely takes the win. 99% of all text messages are opened within the first five minutes. Even better, 95% are opened within the first 5 seconds. Crazy, right?

Unfortunately, mobile app engagement rates don’t boast numbers nearly as large. That’s why SMS is a uniform solution.

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