So You’ve Partnered with an Online Texting Service, What’s Next?

online texting service

You’ve joined forces with a top online texting service, and are ready to take the next step. So, what’s up next? Should you fire out your first campaign, or make a list of possible opt in incentives? Well, let’s get started with the absolute basics. At the bare minimum, you should follow this three step formula.

1. Invest time, thought, and energy into selecting the right keyword.

Make sure your keyword is simple and unique. It should be easy to remember and easy to text. Don’t overcomplicate the opt in process, as this will only decrease the value of your list.

2. Outline a month’s worth of campaigns.

Don’t ever fire out off the cuff campaigns. Make sure you plan and schedule out all campaigns at least a month in advance. This gives you time to make any necessary changes. Always involve your entire marketing team in this decision making process, as this allows for better, more qualified ideas. For each campaign, make sure you’re offering something of value, whether it be a limited use mobile coupon or exclusive announcement.

3. Decide on top list promotion techniques.

If you’re not promoting your list, you won’t observe long term results. Half the point of SMS marketing is to grow a qualified and engaged list. With that said, decide on list promotion techniques that make sense for your customer. Tons of small business owners choose to take advantage of Facebook, in store flyers, and word of mouth engagement. Now, these methods may not always work for you, so pick ones that you know will perform.

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