Text Messaging Actually Assists in Individual Pain Relief

using online texting service in hospital

If the over the counter pain relievers aren’t keeping you in tip top shape, perhaps take advantage of messaging abilities offered by an online texting service. Wait, what? Think we just make this stuff up? Think again. According to RTI International scientist Jamie Guillory, text messaging can actually reduce the amount of pain felt by an individual.     

Guillory, along with her team of researchers, created a study that surveyed daily text messaging use. The study took place over a period of four weeks, with participants divided into two different groups. The first group received standard pain treatment, and were encouraged to send text messages on a regular basis. They also downloaded an app that recorded their pain management and thoughts during that time.  The second group of people were unable to send text messages, but still received pain medication.

Many were astonished by the results of this study, which concluded that people who were able to send text messages also experienced less pain than those who were unable to send text messages. What makes this a viable solution? The ability to distract oneself from pain. Text messaging isn’t a cure, just something to take your mind off current symptoms.

Of course, the study did not evaluate other factors that may have contributed to the happiness of these people. Text messages may aid in alleviating pain, but nothing is better than love and compassion from those we care about. Considering these patients were reaching out to those who had their wellbeing in mind, this could be a reason for the numbness of pain. 

In addition, modern treatments also take advantage of SMS marketing to fire out appointment reminders and treatment followup tips. All across the board, text messaging is slowly creeping it’s way into the healthcare industry.

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