Text to Win Contests: How They Work

SMS marketing contestsText to win contests: If you’re not already offering them, why not? SMS marketing works, but those awesome text to win contests certainly works even better. Not utilizing text contests in your SMS marketing is a huge mistake, and we’re about to reveal why! Those companies using SMS marketing contests are those that are finding the success they really want. Are you ready to learn why you are missing out if you’re not using text to win contests?

Get it for Free

Nothing is more exciting than giving customers a shot at winning something for free. They will be thrilled at this opportunity and you can gain a massive amount of followers for your business. By using SMS marketing to promote the contest you are also gaining more subscribers to your SMS list, more people spending their money with you and so much more.

Make the contest exciting –the better the prize the better the odds of consumers entering. You can offer a gift card, a discount at your shop, an electronic item, a toy, a piece of jewelry –the possibilities are certainly endless. You may also want to consider adding a few different prizes, such as a Grand Prize, First Prize and so on and so forth. Furthermore adding a bit of friendly and fun competition to things can really add spice and gain the eye of more people.

Whether you are a restaurant, a retail establishment or an auto body shop, a text message contest will provide those spectacular benefits that you are looking for.  More money, more text message subscribers, building your name –the possibilities are endless! And it is so easy for everyone involved!

How a Text to Win Contest Works

Once you’ve decided the type of contest that you want to offer, as well as the prizes and rules of the contest, it is time to put your contest out there for people to enter. You will need to have a shortcode, or telephone number, that consumers can text to enter using the specified keyword chosen for the contest.

Every person who texts in during the course of the contest is entered to win. At the end of the contest, the winner or winner(s) for the contest are randomly selected or chosen by the judging panel if you’ve created something specialized and unique.

Customers prefer text message contests to other types of contests because they are so easy. This is a ton of assurance to those considering utilizing text message contests. Not only will it benefit the company, it will also benefit the customers, those who make your business the company that it is.

There is a dashboard available with the SMS marketing company that you’ve selected that will help you perform all of the actions needed for the contest. This includes the start date and the end date, sending out auto replies to those who have entered and much more. This certainly makes all of the above information easier to do.

The only thing that is left to do is promote the contest and wait for the entries to roll on in. There are plenty of methods of marketing the contest, so make sure that you take advantage of them all so that more people have the chance to enter the contest and have a shot at winning. Those marketing methods include your website, social media sites such as Facebook and Titter, through your blog and more. Do not miss out on an opportunity to promote. Remember, not only are you providing your customers with something they want, you’re also providing yourself with an array o exciting benefits.

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