The Best Way to Increase SMS Marketing Offer Redemption

SMS marketing

With SMS marketing, you can have a list the size of Texas, but if only a handful of subscribers are redeeming your offers, you aren’t reaching your maximum potential. In addition to growing your list, you must prioritize high offer redemption rates. This will allow you to really get the most out of this method. High offer redemption boasts long term financial gains, and isn’t that what we all really want?

We market as a way to grow our business. In growing our business, we hope to drastically increase customer retention, which ultimately builds long term business security. If your customers stick around, so will you.

So, what exactly is the best way to increase offer redemption? Follow this easy three step formula, and watch as your subscribers jump at the chance to redeem your mobile coupons.

1. Make sure your offers aren’t too specific.

Send out offers that are appealing to the masses. You want the majority of your subscribers to find this offer irresistible when it comes time to redeem.

2. Create a sense of urgency with a limited window of redemption.

Never fire out open ended promotions. Ideally, create a window that spans from 24-48 hours. Any longer, and your subscribers might forget to redeem.

3. Include a direct call to action.

Provide clear instruction. Make sure your subscribers understand and can follow the exact route to redemption. Something as simple as “stop in to redeem” or “show this text” will definitely do the trick.

Above all else, your SMS marketing offers must boast high value and exclusivity. Never duplicate offers across platforms, or send out generic coupon codes. This will easily devalue your SMS marketing list, and increase future opt outs.

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