Three SMS Marketing Tips for Restaurants

SMS Marketing For RestaurantsSMS marketing is one of the best marketing tools that a restaurant can use today. It is cheap, direct and effective. Amongst the numerous other marketing strategies being used by restaurants today this definitely stands out head and shoulders above the rest. A lot of businesses in other industries are already using SMS marketing and it was only a matter of time that restaurants started using it as well.

The competition in the industry is growing which means that no business can survive just by using SMS marketing. There has to be a marketing plan in place, a strategy that gives you an edge over the competition. Let’s look at ways SMS marketing can be used by restaurants.

Weekly Coupons

You must make use of the infamous SMS marketing coupons. These coupons are sent to the customer’s mobile on a daily or weekly basis. The idea is to bring in the customers and increase sales. You could send out a message saying 30% off on dessert on Tuesday etc. It could be anything from a food voucher to a free meal depending on your strategy.

Reservation Reminders

The restaurant can make use of SMS marketing to send out reminders to customers. People often tend to forget about the reservations they make, you could send a message an hour or so before time to make sure that they don’t forget.

Special Contest

You can also announce special contests via SMS marketing and encourage customers to participate. If the customers feel more involved they are likely to respond better as well which will eventually bolster your sales. You could send a message for example: free dinner for two tomorrow, just send in your details to get registered etc.

Introducing New Menu Items

You must keep the customers informed at all times. Previously whenever a new menu item was introduced there was no way of informing customers about it. Only the people who visited the restaurant discovered the new dishes. However now times have changed, SMS marketing can now be used to instantly inform customers about new entries on the menu. This is very beneficial for the restaurants as they can bring in more customers without spending too much on marketing.


Restaurants can gain a lot by using SMS marketing. The benefits of this service are outstanding which might make you wonder why you didn’t start using it earlier. If you are looking for a long term marketing solution then definitely consider this as an option.

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