Top Reasons Text Marketing Increases Church Attendance

SMS marketing for church communication

Text marketing has provided a more convenient way for people to be in touch with a mass audience or with one person in particular, depending upon the needs at that exact moment. In relation to using text messaging as a way to increase church attendance, many positive aspects can be seen. For one, church leaders can start a group texting method where all church members are contacted at once in order to coordinate events, keeping a strong sense of community within church members. Everyone can feel involved and as if they are an important part of the church with this method.
Text marketing can be used to communicate the topic of the sermon, which if it appeals to a large audience, will be more likely to bring about a larger attendance. Text messaging to a group all at once can also be used to coordinate extras outside of the sermon and amongst the church attendees, such as communication regarding which members will bring food and what kind of food to the sermon. Fostering a sense of community within the church environment can cause more people to attend church, rendering text messaging a priceless addition to any congregation.
SMS marketing has also been shown to be perceived as a less invasive form of communication. Often time attendees of churches feel obligated to attend rather than go on their own free will. Using text messaging to communicate about church events can be less invasive and make attendees feel as though they are less pressured to go rather than having someone speak to them in a face to face or phone setting. Having less pressure to do something increases the likelihood that someone will do it, in this case, attending church. Since the ultimate goal is to spread the word of the Lord, this is exactly what you want.
Choosing to engage in an activity that is free will also increases the likelihood that the person will enjoy the event. The personal enjoyment felt by that person will cause a positive reinforcement for attending church and positive reinforcement has been showing in multiple psychological studies to increase the frequency of the desired behavior. Text marketing can also be used to gauge which church members will be in attendance at the sermon or event of a given day. When people are in communication with other church attendees, they will see the number of people attending and be more likely to attend themselves. The sense of community fostered through open communication that is based on free will rather than force will be a positive addition to a church community because attendees will be more likely to enjoy attendance rather than fear it. They will also be more likely to make this a continuing habit over time.
Text marketing has become a popular form of communication for churches in recent years, and that is with good reason. It is easy to communicate with people in a versatile number of ways, and it is also affordable, which is a necessity of any church congregation. Considering the fact that it can easily fill the pews is also a great benefit that must be considered with SMS marketing.
As you can see there are a number of ways that text marketing can increase church membership and help fill the seats on Sunday morning. If you are a church looking to increase the congregation, it may be time to consider text marketing for your needs.

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